Down with the Islamist Rule!

Down with the Islamist Rule!

After going through a revolution where many martyrs were killed to get rid of the authoritarian regime of Mubarak, the Egyptians are now confronting a fascist regime by all means. Since President Mohamed Morsi, who is the former FJP President, ruled Egypt; he has been working on one aim and that is the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood and penetrating all governmental institutions; that was well noted in his choice for ministry of justice, ministry of interior affairs as well as a government full of Muslim Brotherhood members that is working aggressively to enhance the group's position.

The reasons mentioned above are a few behind the president’s unwillingness to change the government and the aim to control results of the up coming parliamentary election; even if this affects the needs and pride of the Egyptian citizen negatively.

The government has taken Egypt into severe political, economic and financial crises that will take us to bankruptcy in no time if this system continues with the disregard of the economic status of the citizens. The government is empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups without putting into consideration the economic and political needs of the Egyptian citizen.

Right now, it is obvious to everyone how the Muslim Brotherhood is using their political and economic powers to reach their ultimate goal, which is penetrating all the public and private institutions. This is clearly seen in the Morsi's presidential election campaign where all the hopeful and unattainable promises were completely disregarded after being elected as President. The MB's fascism was also clear enough in the Friday protests after the first 100 days of Morsi's term in 'Gomeet Kashf el Hessab' (Friday of ) during which thousands of MB members attacked the peaceful protests by throwing with stones at them in Tahrir square to suppress them and their legitimate demands. This method of suppression of the opposition by force is common in fascist regimes.

This was followed by the Ittihadiya protests, where there a second wave of attacks at protesters and opposition in the premises of the presidential palace; the torture and severe attacks were all documented. While the Public Prosecutor selected by the Muslim Brotherhood illegally showed great obedience to the supreme guide’s commands.

In a final attack aimed to oppress the opposition, the youth demonstrators were attacked while drawing graffiti in front of the now ‘sacred’ headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood (Maktab el Ershad). Both men and women were beaten brutally which shows Egyptians what will be their fate if they dare to disobey the commands or orders of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

As a consequence many public activists and figures among which, Khaled Ali, the former candidate for presidential election, Hosam Eissa, George Ishak, Alaa Al Aswani, Nawara Negm, Dr. Hazem Abdel Azim, Youssef El Hussieny, Dina Abdel Fattah, Zeyad El Eliemy, Bassel Adel, Bassem Kamal, Mostafa El Gendi, Hussien Abdel Ghanem, Gamal Zaher, Khaled Telima, Bosayna Kamel, Alaa Abdel Fattah, Taqadoum Al Khateeb, Hosam Mounes, Amr Salah, Haitham El Shawf , Esraa Abdel Fattah, Mahmoud Afifi , Engy Hamdy, Moustafa Shawky, Ahmed Sayed and Ragya Mostafa in coordination with several opposing parties such as: El Karama party, El Masryeen El Ahrrar, El Taharok El Egaby and the integration of activists Tahalof El Kowa El Thawrya and others with same importance have decided to announce this release to call for a million-man protest on Friday 22nd of March 2013 to demonstrate peacefully in front of the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in the Mukattam district at 2pm (after the Friday prayers). The is clear political message that the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide and the members of its Headquarters are the leaders of the post-revolutionary Egypt and this must be stopped.

The demands are as follows:

عودة لصفحة البيان

يسقط حكم المرشد